Friday, March 18, 2016 has proudly announced the launch of its new Canadian free classifieds ad site which allows customers to post free I-Want-Ads on the web, organized by region and category, targeting purchases which typically require research, vendor feedback, and multiple quotes. The focus of zumfish is to allow customers to use the power of the web to get the best service and value from local businesses.
These I-Want-Ads are available to local businesses, similar to a tender, providing qualified market leads to the business. Posting I-Want-Ads gives customers greater exposure to local businesses, many which they may not have know existed, resulting in multiple quotes to increase the competitive spirit among vendors.... but it does so with a difference.
zumfish was created noting that no other company on the internet provides businesses with such high quality leads. Nor does any other company on the internet offer customers such a broad base of categories, regionalized, in which they can post an I-Want-Ad and have businesses come to them, effectively putting the power of the purchase under their control.
Businesses receive viable market leads on which they can concentrate, directing their efforts to their specific target market. When replying to a customer's ad, the vendor has a prime opportunity to highlight their strengths and advantages, and by doing so build trust with the customer. The result is a lower cost per customer than blanket advertising and a greater level of service to those customers.
The customer remains anonymous until they choose otherwise, corresponding with these businesses to receive product information, compare brands, and attain competitive pricing, all from the convenience of their home and on their schedule. Having multiple vendors compete for their business provides the customer better options, pricing, and service, giving them the benefit of internet convenience while they still deal with local, established businesses.
Eliminating the need for customers or salesmen to travel around the region in search of a business relationship gives zumfish a green side, reducing the carbon footprint of the deal.
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