Wednesday, March 30, 2016

There is a website for everything... how inconvenient.

The prefix “www” has revolutionized business:
  • planning home renovations, there are various referral sites.
  • wanting to travel, you can buy air travel and vacations on hundreds of sites.
  • need a mortgage, there is an app for that.
  • buying a vehicle, numerous sites promise dealer invoice info and best pricing.
  • shipping 10 skids from province to province; quotes are a click away.
This list goes on and on, there are sites for everything, and when you truly start using these sites you'll find the majority don't deliver. There is nothing more frustrating than spending 7 minutes on a site, filling out 5 pages of information, only to have the website ask for your email and they'll send you the information.

Seems every website has designed their process so the customer does all the work and they just come in at the end to get your credit card information. Is the pricing competitive? Who cares, you're so exhausted you just want to be done with the purchase so you enter your credit card and never look back, just hoping you've done the right thing. Buyer's remorse... we all know it too well!

By the time you've found a website which you trust for mortgage rates, one you think works for insurance quotes, another that seems to offer realistic skilled trade referrals, and yet another which confuses the heck out of you about travel, you realize things aren't always streamlined by the “www” world, but rather quite complicated. And right there you have it – the reason for

Let's take all those major purchases, requiring research and multiple quotes, put them all on one website which lets you state in plain and simple text what you want, and then have the businesses come to you, work for your business, and in the process offer you stress free competitive quotes which save you money and time.

Seems too good to be true but in fact it is now just a click away, really:

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