Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Get the Best Deal on your next Car or Truck Purchase, plain & simple.

Cars & trucks are the largest expense we'll ever experience for many of us. Paying your mortgage is an investment, houses go up in value, whereas vehicles depreciate down and hence are expenses. That being said cars & trucks are a purchase often made with emotion as our vehicles are very dear to us, we'll spend thousands and thousands of hours in them and rely on them to take us hundreds of thousands of kilometres. We want a comfortable, reliable, stylish vehicle which fits our lifestyle. Basically we want the vehicle we want, but we want the best deal, and that's the purpose of this post, to get you the best deal.

Let's first look at how customers come to purchase a vehicle, here are some interesting numbers:
  • a typical customer will research a new car purchase for 19 hours, a used car purchase for 18 hours, and over 60% of that time will be spent online.
  • 45% of customers used online research to compare models, 42% were comparing pricing, whereas only 3% of customers online were influenced by social media.
  • 71% of customers used the web for research, however 68% of customers made dealer contact by walking in the front door of the dealership.

Now this last statistic is important, lets look at it again –> 71% of customers used the web for research, that is fantastic, the web is a wealth of information, and it can be added that customers spent more time on third party websites rather than dealers' or manufacturers' websites as they considered third party websites more informative. Customers aren't online looking for advertisements but rather searching for impartial opinions on which vehicle will serve their purpose best. Nothing can replace this research to ensure you're getting the best vehicle for your lifestyle. But most interesting is that 68% of customers made dealer contact by walking in the front door of the local dealership.

Yes, in fact the average customer only visits two local dealers before purchasing their next vehicle. All this research, the customer is practically pre-sold on the vehicle by the time they enter the dealership, and the salesman knows this. To repeat this -> the salesman already knows these statistics and knows that you've entered the dealership practically pre-sold on the vehicle, and you're only likely to visit 2 dealerships. The salesman figures he has a 50% chance of closing this deal, but how does he move the odds further into his favour? Simple, they make you invest time into their dealership. A whole process is devised to make you feel committed to this dealership, as well as exhaust you from wanting to visit another dealership. From the time killing introduction and friendly talk to the manager's review of your offer while you site idle and alone in the salesman's office, it all makes you invest time into the dealership, and by the end the more time you commit the more your probability of purchasing from this dealership increases.

Finally, lets get to the point and figure out how to beat the dealer at their own game.
Now keep in mind we don't want to “beat up” the dealer, quite the contrary, a good dealership and salesman can make purchasing a vehicle much more enjoyable as well as add value to your vehicle by way of service both before and after the sale, but we do want to come out the winner of the deal, and this is what we refer to when we state we want to beat the dealer at their own game.

As we've already discussed, by the time you're looking for a dealership you've already pre-sold yourself on a model or two, now you're looking to sit in and drive this beauty, and most importantly get a fantastic deal from a dealer you trust. You don't turn to the phone or email to find a dealer, let's face it you've done enough hands-off work, now it is time to get your hands on that vehicle and really experience it, so you walk into the closest dealership. But take a step back; once we walk into that dealership they have us, the time commitment has started, they're looking to up their odds from 50% to 100% on closing the deal, and giving you the best deal is not in their best interest. In fact their priority is to make the best deal for the dealership. You only negotiate a vehicle once in a while, but this is what they do every single day, so trust us when we say they have the upper hand once you've stepped foot into the showroom. Their sales process is so sophisticated and smooth you don't even see it coming. The only chance to get the best of the deal is to be walking out the door and have them fear they'll really lose your business, but once you turn around and let them continue selling you then the dance begins again.

But what if you didn't enter the showroom until you were confident they would present the absolute best deal, that would take their home court advantage away... nice! The dealership would have to prove themselves to be the best deal before you invested time with them, and with the dealership knowing this it is like you're always on the brink of leaving so they better pull out the best of everything to keep your attention. No cup of cappuccino or tour of the service bays is going to help them this time, they'll need to give you what you really want, the absolute best deal!

And now, here is how we're going to accomplish this feat of superior negotiating ->
we're going to let all the dealerships know what vehicle we want, in detail, or in generality if we're not sure and need further input, plus we're going to let them know that all the dealers in the area are all competing for your business on a level playing field. No dealership gets your time commitment until they've already proven to be the best dealership for you, in both service and price. With multiple local dealers all competing for your business they suddenly realize they've lost the upper hand and now must do what's best for the customer if they want the sale, and every dealership always wants every sale!

Let's get more specific on how you, as a customer, accomplish this task of getting your message out to all the local dealers. It is simpler than you think! Thanks to, you can post a free “I-Want-Ad” outlining your preferred brands, models, trims & options regarding a vehicle, this I-Want-Ad is then viewed by dealers who can peruse your ad, prepare their best presentation, and then respond to you working towards winning your patronage. At this point the dealership doesn't get your information so you won't be hounded by various dealers, but you will definitely get their information and will know exactly who you're dealing with. As local dealers present their best deals to you the air will clear, you'll decide which dealers you wish to negotiate with further, and ultimately when you finally visit the dealership to have a seat in that vehicle you'll be walking into the showroom with the upper hand, this time they know what they're up against. They just came face to face with a customer who has had multiple dealerships competing for their business, and you've chosen this dealership to hold true to the deal they've already presented!

Using the web to research is great, using the web to get local, trusted dealers competing for your business is zumfish, and this service is completely free, takes only minutes to post your I-Want-Ad, and keeps you completely confidential until you wish to introduce yourself to a dealer.  But best of all finally puts you into the driver's seat and ensures you get the best deal possible.  Very nice!

A significant portion of these statistics originated from a report completed by Polk and Autotrader for the National Auto Dealers Association

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